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Elanora Heights Name Origin

Elanora Heights is named from an Aboriginal word meaning “home beside the water”.

Elanora Heights Settlement History

Settlement of the area dates primarily from the 1880s. Some growth took place in the interwar period, following subdivision and the improved access brought about by the opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge. Significant development occurred from the 1950s. The population generally increased slightly from the mid 1990s as new dwellings were added to the area.

Elanora Heights Features

Major features of the area include Elanora Country Club, Elanora Conference Centre, Allington Reserve, Anana Reserve, Cooleena Reserve, Deep Creek Reserve, Dewrang Reserve, Epworth Park, Koorangi Reserve, Kundibah Reserve, Kywong Reserve, Elanora Heights Community Centre and one school.

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