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Balmain East Name Origin

Balmain East is named for the area east of Balmain, which is named after William Balmain, surgeon on the First Fleet and later Principal Surgeon of the Colony.

Balmain East Settlement History

Settlement of the area dates from 1800 when the first land grant was made, with land used mainly for grazing and farming. Residential and industrial growth took place from the late 1830s into the 1850s, aided by regular ferry connections from Sydney. Rapid growth occurred during the late 1800s. Residential growth resumed from the 1960s, with gentrification from the 1970s as many industries closed and new or renovated housing was built. The population increased slightly during the early 1990s as new dwellings were added to the area, and then declined gradually from the mid 1990s, due to a reduction in dwelling stock.

Balmain East Features

Major features of the area include Balmain East (Darling Street) Wharf, Waterview Wharf Workshops, Harbour Circle Walk, Datchett Street Reserve, Gallimore Avenue Reserve, Illoura Reserve, Johnston Street Reserve, Lookes Avenue Reserve, Origlass Park, Propellor Park, Simmons Point Reserve, Thornton Park and one school.

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