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Chatswood Name Origin

Chatswood is named after Chat (Charlotte) Hartnett, the wife of district pioneer and former Mayor of Willoughby, Richard Hartnett, and the original wooded nature of the area.

Chatswood Settlement History

Settlement of the area dates from the 1840s, with land used mainly for timber getting and farming. In the early years the junction of Pacific Highway and Mowbray Road was the centre of a small township. Chatswood began to develop as Willoughby City’s commercial centre from the 1890s, following the opening of the North Shore railway line. Growth accelerated in the 1930s with the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, although this was slowed by the Depression and World War 2. Residential growth continued in the inter-war period, as well as the post-war years, with many large estates subdivided into the classic quarter acre plots. There has been significant retail and commercial growth since the 1980s, with accompanying residential growth, mainly of apartments and townhouses. The area has a mix of housing with many large homes and gardens, and an increasing number of high density housing developments in the area closest to the Pacific Highway. The population increased substantially from the mid 1990s as new dwellings were added to the area, particularly high density housing, including Metro Chatswood.

Chatswood Features

Major features of the area include the Chatswood CBD (including Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre, Westfield Chatswood Shopping Centre, Metro Chatswood and Chatswood Central), Hirondelle Private Hospital, Chatswood Golf Club, Zenith Theatre & Convention Centre, Chatswood Youth Centre, Willoughby Museum, Anglo Park, Bales Park, Beauchamp Park, Blue Gum Park, Campbell Park, Chatswood Park, Currey Park, Edgar Street Reserve, Ferndale Park, Greville Street Park, Hotham Street Reserve, Kenneth Slessor Park, Lowanna Park, Mashman Park, Muston Park, Sutherland Park, View Street Park, Warrane Reserve, Whitton Park, Chatswood Transport Interchange and numerous schools.

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