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Hunters Hill Name Origin

The area's Aboriginal name is 'Mookaboola' or 'Moocooboola', which means meeting of waters. Hunters Hill was named after John Hunter, the second Governor of New South Wales, who was in office between 1795 and 1800.

Hunters Hill Settlement History

The area that is now Hunters Hill was settled in 1835. One of the earliest settlers was Mary Reibey, the first female retailer in Sydney. She built a cottage—later known as Fig Tree House—on land that fronted the Lane Cove River; Reiby Street is named after her. During the 1840s, bushrangers and convicts who had escaped from the penal settlement on Cockatoo Island would take refuge in Hunters Hill.

Hunters Hill Features

Major features of the Municipality include St Joseph’s College, the Great North Walk, Parramatta River Regional Park, The Priory, Kelly's Bush, Tarban Creek, Boronia Park, Woolwich Baths and Henley Baths.

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