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Lindfield West Name Origin

Lindfield is named after a village in Sussex, England.

Lindfield West Settlement History

Settlement of the area dates from 1815 when the first land grants were made. Land was used mainly for timber-getting and saw-milling, with most settlement near the Lane Cove River as this was the main transport artery. From the mid 1800s the population slowly began to increase, due largely to increased road access. Growth occurred during the 1880s when land was subdivided, with the area evolving into a farming community with many orchards and market gardens. The population continued to grow with the opening of the railway line in 1890 and more subdivision in the early 1900s. Some development occurred from the 1930s. Significant growth took place in the post-war years. The population generally increased from the mid 1990s as new dwellings were added to the area, with many units built along the Pacific Highway and Lindfield Avenue.

Lindfield West Features

Major features of the area include University of Technology Sydney (Ku-ring-gai Campus), CSIRO Telecommunications and Industrial Physics and National Measurement Laboratory, Naamaroo Conference Centre, Airmans Bush, Edenborough Park, Fiddens Wharf Reserve, Jenkins Hill, Princes Park, Queen Elizabeth Reserve, Sir Philip Game Reserve, Seven Little Australians Park, Swain Gardens, Lower UTS Bush, Redbank Oval, Film Australia, Masada College (Junior School), Newington College Preparatory School and a number of other schools.

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