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Naremburn Name Origin

The exact origin of the name Naremburn is unknown, although a number of theories have been proposed. One such theory is that the term is a corruption of Merrenburn, the name of the home of Alexander Dodds, who was an early landowner in the area. There has also been speculation that Naremburn is a variation on the Scottish term 'near a burn', alluding to the proximity of Flat Rock Creek. Yet another theory is that Naremburn is an anglicised version of the Aboriginal terms 'narra', referring to forks, forking or forked, and 'burren', which means creek or a similar feature.

Naremburn Settlement History

Settlement of the area dates from 1853 when the first land grants were made. Growth occurred from the 1890s, following the opening of the North Shore railway line. Early land uses included orchards and sand stone quarrying. The construction of the Gore Hill Freeway in the 1990s had a major impact on this area, resulting in many apartments replacing former worker’s cottages. The population increased from the early 1990s as new dwellings were added to the area, particularly medium and high density housing.

Naremburn Features

Major features of the area include Naremburn Park, Tunks Park West, Dawson & Market Streets Reserve, Ella Street Reserve, Talus Street Reserve and two schools.

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